A time saving tool for rapidly assembling electronics that makes soldering easy

PinJig's desktop footprint has been well considered in it's design.

Need a portable solution to take your work anywhere?

PinJig has got you covered.

Save Hours

PinJig is completely customisable.

Flexible fixture support, crocodile clips, lighting and visual aids are available.

PinJig can be tweaked to become a lab stand with 4 degrees of work-piece freedom in an instant.

Perfect Clamping


PinJig securely holds PCB's and complex work-pieces.

Parts clamp securely. Supports thru-hole and surface mounts.

PinJig can even hold your stencils. Bobs your uncle!


Tired of painstaking placement and soldering?

Say goodbye to holding components one at a time.

PinJig turns hours of effort into minutes of perfect soldering.

"The only solution for makers that can clamp every single thru-hole component in one easy sequence"

Boards up to 175 x 360mm Length

ESD considerations taken in Design

Components up to 30 mm and above ;-)

No matter what your maker skill level is..

Rapidly assemble thru-hole electronics & make soldering easy.

Open Source Support

PinJig supports Makerbeam & Openbeam mini-t slot framing system and also Makeblock. It also supports 3D printed OctoArms more traditional ball and socket systems, carbon fiber tube and stainless steel rod. In essence PinJig can become anything the community of makers, hobbyists and assemblers want it to be.

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